For our couples its about the family, the people, the stories. its about looking back and remembering what and who matters most. the most precious moments are fleeting and your photographs are the gift that keeps on giving back to you as time passes, as people change and as your love deepens. your photographs crystalize the moments forever.







"Like having your good friend their with you.. Jess is so easy to get along with and takes the time to get to know you and your style."

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  • believer in all things family love
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Hello there,
I'm Jessica Eileen,
Photographer +
Sentimental nerd 



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I promise to bring a lightness, an ease and a joyful spirit. I promise to laugh with you in the ridiculous and calm you in the crazy.  I am happy to make a fool of myself to light the vibe and I will teach you all the tricks of getting kids + adults to engage with the camera. 


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For me, this is the most important part of the process of working together. It’s the time spent getting to know who you are. It’s mapping out your vision together, so that I can learn what matters most to you. A strong relationship that turns into a platform for the gallery of your most special moments – that is how the most authentic images are created.

The experience of working together is like building a friendship


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love - family love

Photographs matter. Our people matter- telling them we love them, matters.The most important part of my life is my family - this past year, I lost my youngest sibling + only brother it has been through this experience that I have understood more than ever the importance of my work as a wedding and family photographer. 

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authentic connection

Life, simply as it is... everyday + each person as a gift

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real moments - storytelling 

When we let go, when we are in the moment, when we just appreciate where we are and what we have others can feel that. For me as a photographer when you are in the moment - present with your people, I am able to capture the most raw, real vulnerable moments that tell the story of your life.


let me introduce to you the most

 beautiful + easy experience

All collections include your high resolution digital files delivered in an online gallery.

This means, you are able to download, print, share and use your images as you wish.  You can send your gallery to all your friends + family so they can find the best photo of themSELVES :)  I truly believe that the wedding is meant to be about your people so there are plenty of pretty portraits of them too!

My favorite add on  are the classic and timeless polaroid.s! When you add this to your investment you will receive a beautiful custom box of polaroid film photographs from your day. Don't pass this option up.


All investment options include hourly coverage and include the high resolution digital files

Option to add on an associate second photographer, rehearsal dinner coverage and albums available

2 Photographers
Rehearsal Dinner
Full Day Coverage
10x10 Album

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there is a story

I always remind people that after their wedding they walk away with two things - each other + the photographs we capture throughout their wedding day. Everything else falls away but these two remain theirs forever. I am here to capture the feeling of it all.

of your

family love

unfolding that im
here to share



There is truly nothing better then spending a full weekend with you and your loved ones. For me destination weddings are not about the place but more so about the opportunity to spend quality time with my couples + their families. Showing up on the wedding day feels so seamless after time together the days before. For all of out of state weddings clients are required to cover travel + accommodations. These memories we make together are some of the happiest times in my personal and professional life! 


YES! I love being able to support you in the planning process. I will help you build out a seamless timeline - if you are working with a wedding planner I will work alongside of them to coordinate all the details we need for your photographs. Family Photos, don't you worry - we do them and we make it EASY! There's simply no time in the day that is more stressful so I spent time with you in the months leading up to get a check list, I have actually created this so all you need to do is simply fill in the names. I go into full teacher mode and get this done in a timely and efficient manner. I ensure you we will not miss a combination or a shot of you and a beloved family member. We put it to paper and make it happen! Family first, always! 


I hear this so much, the truth is, YOU AREN'T! In fact the people that think they are ended up being the very best in front of the camera. However the comfortability is why it is so important to trust and connect with your photographer.  My approach is to facilitate moments and capture the authentic ones. Your job is simply to show up and be present. I will be there to make sure you look + FEEL good! 


The most important thing to know is that I am going to deliver to you the best of the best. The amount of images varies based on the hours of coverage on average you can expect between 800-1,200 images depending on the length of your coverage. The images will be delivered in a mix of color and black and white through an online gallery where you can download, print and share as you wish.  You can expect to receive your gallery within 4-6 weeks of your wedding depending on the time of the year. 

Every conversation seems to somehow lead back to how we trust Jess's vision: the way she see things, people, emotions, celebrations, everyday life... her vision is unique. It's real. It's honest. It's beautiful. It's positive and it's so inspiring. And that is what attracted us to her. It's what made Jess stand out from all the others. Jess has this almost unexplainable ability to see beauty in things that other people don’t; not just through the camera, but in other people as human beings. 

Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, but she also has an innate ability to connect with the people she photographs. Her photos lead with heart. She provided great instruction and helped us feel so comfortable the entire day. She even took the time to scout locations to provide the best possible shots. She goes above and beyond! Our pictures turned out to be everything I ever wanted and more. What I love most is that her photos really captured the feeling of the entire day, while looking at my pictures I feel like I’m transported back to my wedding day.

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