hey there, i'm


as an artist i have found, and seen

but that's not all...

the micro-moments that turn into the most unforgettable moments of your day through the lens of familiarity.

It is from this place that I create the most genuine imagery for you. 

•  I promise to bring a lightness, an ease and a joyful spirit. 
•  To laugh with you in the ridiculous and calm you in the crazy. 
•  I am happy to make a fool of myself. 
•  I will teach you the tricks of getting kids & adults to engage with the camera.

so, this is me,

the girl who will show up as your friend to embrace and document the day as it is.

Friend, I promise to leave you feeling more loved, more seen and more celebrated than when I met you.


you captured the love we were all feeling

I have to let you know that my entire family has been talking about you since the wedding.You went above and beyond with everything you did. You were literally part of the reason the day/night was so special. You have a spirit about you that’s hard to describe so I won’t try other than to say you are special and the Blaydes fam appreciates you.I wanted this email to be more about you than your pictures, but don’t want you to wonder why I didn’t reference the ones we have seen so far. They are incredible. Every one you post gets looked at…and looked at…and looked at. You went above exposure and lighting, you captured the love we were all feeling. Special pictures by a special person. We are lucky to have found you. 

~ father of the bride

i travel alone throughout the world every year


that painted sky will never get old, brings out my curiosity each and every time


I am the oldest of five and love my family more than anyone in this world


i'm more than a photographer though. let's get to know each other shall we?

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